Self-propelled/Aerial Model SP-A-101 combines the features of being self-propelled, which allows access into restricted quarters, and the ability to be used as an areial extractor, which allows extraction of bundles at elevations up to 80' - 90' in the air.

The Model SP-A-101 utilizes 4 hydraulic gear driven motors with their respective rack and pinion assemblies to exert a pulling power of 80 dead tons. An added feature of our extractor is that the frame is designed and reinforced to withstand up to 150 tons of pull, if properly executed, without damage. This can be exerted by block and tackle. We're confident our extractors are the most rugged available today. By design the pinion gears engage the inverted rack in such a fashion as to encourage proper meshing instead of discouraging it when pull is exerted


The simplicity of the design combined with the proper materials have resulted in an extractor that is rugged, dependable, and requires a minimum of maintenance. Periodic maintenance on the diesel engine located on the power unit and maintaining the cleanliness of your hydraulics is virtually all the maintenance that is required

Both ends of the extractor are able to be steered independently to a radius of 45°. This allows the extractor to turn in its own length, as well as to virtually "crab" sideways, allowing access into very restricted spaces. The pulling frame is designed to be able to flip over allowing tubesheet to be pulled by a lip on the pulling sled. This feature keeps overall length to an absolute minimum. Virtually all of the extractor length can be utilized to accomodate the length of the bundle being pulled.


    Height to top of outrigger cylinders retracted 5'7.5"
    Height to top of outrigger cylinders extended 13'5"
    Height to top of pulling beams retracted 2'10"
    Height to top of pulling beam extended 10'7"
    Width to outside of outrigger cylinder 7'9" - 10"
    Length with stubbie extension 16'
    Length with standard extension 16' to 40'

    Extractor wtih spreader bar 11 tons
    Extractor without spreader bar 9 tons

Spreader Bar:
    60 ton "H" design spreader bar with 2 - 1 1/2" chokers, lifting eyes, also 4 - 1 1/2" chokers and 17 ton hooks

Turning Radius:
    With stubbie extension 17'

Bundle Diameter and Length Capability:
    Bundle diameter capability as aerial - 64'
    Bundle diameter capability as self-propelled - 98'
    Bundle length with standard extension 16' to 40'

Pulling Power:
    Pulling sled exerts pulling power of - 100 tons
    Pulling power can be doubled with block and tackle (2 sets - 8" sheaves with 7/8" cable - 250 tons)

We realize that such power is not needed on every bundle you may pull, but it is nice to know that you have that kind of power available when needed without having to sacrifice the efficiency and versatility of the extractor. The speed of the pulling sled is 6' per minute, when the power source diesel engine is at 1800 RPM.

    Electric over hydraulic solenoids encased in a small compact rigged pistol grip assembly gives you remote control of all of the following functions:
    • Pulling sled
    • Scissor jack
    • Load leveling cylinders
    • Power and steering of drive wheels

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